Role: Maitland Assistant Manager

Favourite place to run: I love running around the farmlands out the back of my house because there is very little traffic and good long roads.

Why I run: Running is my quiet time out.  It gives me time to rest my brain whilst challenging my body.

Greatest running achievement: Completing my first half marathon in 2013.  I had gone from never running before to completing a 1/2 marathon within the space of 12 months. I have trained for a half marathon every year since, it hasn't got any easier but I've loved the experience.

Favourite running shoe: Without a doubt the Hoka Clifton - light to run in and perfect for knees after the age of 40!

Ruth has been a member of the team at Pure for a couple of years now after seeing the light and coming across from the darkside. She has extensive footwear knowledge and loves the challenge of helping customers find the perfect solution for any troubles they are having.