Role: Box Boy

Favourite place to run: Awaba. Nothing beats it, dirt roads, rolling hills. I love running out there with the dogs, especially if there is a bit of light rain.

Why I run: Firstly, I am competitive and love pushing myself so running suits my personality. I am also very busy with my Real Estate career and probably have a few too many KFC lunches so running does help keep the waistline under control.

Favourite Shoe: Hoka Arahi, as an older beaten up runner who needs some support this shoe is perfect for me. I am also very short, so I certainly appreciate the extra height these provide me with.

Greatest Running Achivement: My running career was full of a few good achievements, which I remember fondly. However my greatest achievement in running has been my coaching career, coaching numerous National Champions has been extremely rewarding.

Top running tip: Look after your calves!

Jason is a passionate lifelong runner, and it is this passion that saw him become the owner of Pure Performance. In his younger days, Jason was a competitive force on the Newcastle and NSW Road Running Scene. He claims a 44 minute PB at The City to Surf, but this was before the internet and no one can find the result, so if anybody has a newspaper clipping of the result can they please send it our way. Nowdays, Jason is still an active runner, at least when his calves aren't giving him grief and he tries to get out for a run most days of the week. He has set himself the goal of breaking 3 hours for the Marathon at the 2018 Gold Coast Marathon as a 50 year old. Jason can also be spotted around the traps coaching his very talented training group "Project 2020"