Role: Retail Operations Manager

Favourite place to run: I love running along the beaches, there is nothing better than a long run from Newy to Merewether and back. On a nice sunny day it is a dream.

Why I run: I run for fitness and health. I run for the mental and stress release that it provides me with. However, mostly I run because I find it fun, running with my wife and friends of the shop over the years and parkrun each Saturday are some oif my favourite things to do.

Greatest Running Achievement: Completing Shotover Moonlight Marathon in Queenstown NZ with my wife is easily my number 1 achievement and experience in running. But I am also really proud of some of my other running PBs sub 20 parkrun, sub 45 10km, sub 90 half, and trying a tri are all ticked off the list.

Favourite Running Shoe: Saucony Kinvara has long been a favourite for me. I love that it is light, cushioned, responsive, fast, protective and usually in a great styling, you can’t go wrong! (unless its not the right shoe for you)

Top Running Tip: Run how you feel, Run Comfortably and the most important thing is Run because it is fun.

Clinton opened the doors at Pure Performance on Day 1 and since then has been instrumental to it's success and growth. You will not find someone more determined to find a solution for every customer. If you've ever seen someone running out and around Newcastle with a Pure Trucker on backwards, reflective blue Sunnies and a bright green Pure singlet chances are it was Clinton, it does concern us a little that he only owns one of those singlets yet runs in it daily. Hopefully Mel does the washing nightly.